KAREN  GERADA             

Born 20th September 1987  -  died 23rd March 2004   -   victim of MRSA at 16 years


Karen  Gerada

Karen was with us only for a short while.  And yet, during her 16 years, she taught us many things.

Karen had the gift of serendipity; the butterflies flittering on the flowers and the cats lapping up their milk were of those treasures that passed unnoticed with many.

She taught us how to appreciate quiet islands of happiness and peace; the wind whistling in the leaves and the sun reflecting on the window panes were things to which she called our attention.  She taught us tenacity and perseverance.  The joy on her face when she mastered a new skill made the effort more than worth it.

She taught us sincerity; she easily communicated her emotions, especially when she instinctively realised we needed comfort.  She taught us hope.  In her own way she told us that tomorrow the sun would rise again for all of us as indeed it has done for  her, never to set again.

But best of all, Karen taught us how to love.  Her gentle, radiant smile and her caring hugs made our hurts better.

Thank you, Karen; we will meet again.

Tanja, Sandra and friends

eaching Staff at the Kindergarten and St. Venera School Primary A
(published on the Sunday Times 11/4/04)

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